Relationships are complicated.

Connection is important.

Everyone I know has relationships with other people.  Whether it's a spouse, a parent, a boss or a child, we are intimately connected to others.  Some relationships impact us negatively & leave what I will gently refer to as a 'film' that disrupts our present-day experiences.  Relationships often bring both joy and stress. 

The majority of people I see are coming in because of problems in their relationships with their spouse or partner. 

Our bodies many experience tensions, tightening, fear or distress when we remember things that have happened in the past.  We may also find ourselves afraid or avoiding situations.  Sometimes, we aren't really sure why we’re avoiding things--we just are.

For some people, these reactions are cause for concern. 

First, let's clarify a couple of things.

  1. It's normal for people to disagree.
  2. It's normal for people to get angry.

For some of us, we've had so many negative experiences in our relationships, that we find ourselves avoiding getting close to others.  Or, maybe we are finding ourselves in a repeating cycle of unhappy or dysfunctional relationships. We might blame our partner for something, rather than face how we feel.  We feel stuck.  We might question our ability to make good decisions in our relationships.

Over time, this can tax our body and our mental health.  We might experience what feels like anxiety or depression. 

Therapy can help you learn to identify what's reasonable & better understand what’s happened in the past.  You can learn ways to break the cycle and begin to trust your decision-making skills.

Seeking treatment is the first step to identify ways to get better. 

Photo of Jordanna Saunders, psychotherapist in Goodyear, AZ Jordanna L. Saunders, MC LPC NCC Jordanna is a psychotherapist practicing in Goodyear, AZ.

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