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EMDR Consultant in Training

As a CIT, who can I provide consultation hours to?
A CIT can provide some of the consultation hours to EMDR-trained clinicians who are
working towards EMDR Certification requirements. In order to provide the 10 hours of
consultation that are required to complete the EMDR basic training, the CIT must
contact the EMDR training provider directly. Each EMDR training provider designates
which EMDR Consultants and/or CITs may provide consultation hours to the trainees in
their program.

As a CIT, how many consultation hours can I provide for someone seeking EMDR Certification?
A CIT can provide a maximum of 15 hours of consultation to an EMDR-trained clinician
who is working towards EMDR Certification. EMDR Certification applicants must obtain
20 hours of consultation on their use of EMDR with clients. The remaining 5 hours of
consultation must come from an EMDR Consultant. Although a CIT can provide a letter
of recommendation for the consultee seeking certification, a letter of recommendation
from an EMDR Consultant is required for EMDR Certification applicants.

Is a CIT required to work with or provide consultation hours to a certain number of clinicians?
A CIT is expected to work with at least five different consultees, three of whom have
already completed the EMDR basic training. There is no set EMDRIA requirement
regarding the number of consultation hours a CIT must provide to any consultee
although the EMDR Consultant the CIT works with may have an expectation or
requirement in place in order to document consultation-of-consultation hours and
provide a recommendation.

What are the fees for consultation services?
Consultation fees are set by the individual EMDR Consultant or CIT offering the
consultation services. We strongly recommend entering into a written contractual
agreement for services so the consultation process and expectations are clear and
understandable to both parties before commencing.

Jordanna’s fees: Rates: CIT individual $75, $25 for group

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