Jordanna L. Saunders

Board & EMDR Certified Therapist, Licensed Professional Counselor based in Goodyear, AZ

Member of the Navajo Tribe & Owner of TRSA

Jordanna L. Saunders, MC LPC NCC Certified EMDR Therapist, CEAP is Navajo and grew up on the Navajo Reservation in New Mexico. Jordanna went to Crownpoint, HS and is an avid runner, mom, artist, mentor, trainer and Counselor.  She completed her Bachelor’s degree in Psychology at the University of Arizona in Tucson.  She minored in American Indian Studies and Anthropology before completing her Masters of Counseling degree at Arizona State University in Tempe, Arizona.

Jordanna is broadly known for her leadership skills, compassion, insight and sense of humor.  

She began her work in the human health services as a middler schooler tutoring elementary students in her home town. She has served in many leadership positions throughout the years. 

Rez life

She left home on the Rez to attend college.  This was when she realized: 1) she was a "minority" and 2) women were not in charge in the broader context of America 3)there were a lot of people who had a lot more money than she/her family did.  These insights propelled her to work hard, find meaning in her work & to share what she's learned with others. 

Work history

Much of her work has been helping the underserved and in BIPOC communities. 


She has several years of clinical & management experience providing counseling services in a variety of settings, including mental health clinics, hospitals, jails, and residential facilities.  She has worked both in Urban settings as well as in Frontier & Reservation Communities. 



Jordanna is a former AIGC Graduate Fellow, former Navajo Nation Chief Manuelito Scholar, an American Indians into Psychology (AIIP) Fellow (via the University of Oklahoma) & completed the first Project LIFT cohort--a National Behavioral Health Leadership Program for American Behavioral Health Leaders facilitated by SAMHSA & Abt Associates.


She is a former Board Member for the Arizona Board for Certification of Addiction Counselors.  She has done research in multiple areas both as an undergrad and graduate student.  She has also supervised and facilitated State and Federal grants in her past leadership positions. 


She is an avid advocate of the development of future behavioral health leaders and has presented for various agencies and programs including: the Arizona Counselors Association, Indian Health Services (Phoenix Area and National) & multiple Urban and Rural health care providers/agencies.  Jordanna is scheduled to continue training for local and national Counseling organizations. 

Jordanna is a current Integrated Minority Health Fellowship Program (IMFP) Mentor and provides mentorship to graduate level Counseling students who will work in underserved communities. 

Jordanna is a Clinical Supervisor and is on the Arizona Board of Behavioral Health Clinical Supervisor Registry

Professional Specialities:

Jordanna has extensive experience working with substance use disorders, mental health concerns, co-occurring issues and is a trauma trained therapist.  She works extensively using EMDR and is Certifed in EMDR.  She works well with health care providers, lawyers, first responders, female identifying sexual abuse/neglect/incest survivors.  


She is also trained in the Duluth Model (Working with Men who Batter) as well as several other evidence based psychotherapy practices (motivational interviewing, cognitive behavioral therapy, etc.).

Professional Affiliations:

She’s a member of several professional organizations including the American Counseling Association, the Employee Assistance Professional Organization, & EMDRIA (Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing International Association). 

Patients at Trauma Recovery Services of Arizona benefit from Jordanna’s extensive training and experience in delivering EMDR and cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT). Both EMDR and CBT enable patients to explore their thoughts, memories, and emotions in a safe space. They learn to manage the distress and if they so choose-to heal the wounds from the past.

In addition to helping patients learn to cope with past trauma, Jordanna also helps patients with mental health conditions including depression and anxiety as well as navigating common challenges including divorce, loss of a loved one, career transition, and more.

All these experiences have improved her ability to provide supervision, counseling and mentorship to clients, staff, contrators and stakeholders of Trauma Recovery Services of Arizona.

NBCC Board Certification Badge
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