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Olivia Widner

MC, Licenced Associate Counselor

Do you feel exhausted? Overwhelmed? Have your relationships been challenged in the last few years?  


You’re doing the best you can, but it feels like it’s never enough. You focus on everyone around you and find it hard to set aside time for yourself. Is it hard for you to pause and take a breath? The stories we tell about ourselves impact the way we see the world. Often, these stories come with assumptions and attitudes that get in the way of living an authentic life. 


I’m here to provide a space for you to slow down, settle in, and reconnect with your center. Together, we’ll comb through the stories, edit what works, and shift what doesn’t. Sometimes, there are parts of ourselves that don’t want to change right away- and that’s okay! Every flower has its season. Together, we’ll nurture an understanding of every aspect of your experience to make room for more acceptance, understanding, and joy. 


I’m here to help you connect with your story, your body, and your innate capacity for growth by using a blend of Motivational Interviewing, CBT, TF-CBT, Narrative Therapy, and body-based healing practices like EMDR.


Relationships matter! I am happy to provide couples therapy in addition to individual adult therapy.

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