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Michelle Mulnix

MS, LAC, Behavioral Health Clinician

Michelle is a Trauma informed, Masters Level Licensed Associate. She is an advocate of BIPOC, and the LGBTQ community. Michelle has extensive experience working with mental health diagnoses. Michelle has experience working with clients from infancy to end of life. 


Michelle specializes in treating the following diagnoses: 

Complex PTSD 

Complex Grief 

Co-occurring Disorder with substance abuse

Personality Disorders 

Dissociative Identity Disorders

Eating Disorders 

DV (Victim or perpetrator)  

Substance abuse concerns

Michelle provides a wide range of safe, compassionate, and holistic treatment modalities including: EFT, CBT, and DBT. 


Her mantra is “Education is the key to healing.”  Her passion is to empower others through education to create a healthy, and peaceful existence. 

Michelle Mulnix Licensed Associate Counselor
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