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Trauma Recovery Services of Arizona
Professional Counseling, EMDR Trained Therapists, EMDR Therapy, Evidenced Based Therapy
 Jordanna is a Professional Member of EMDRIA & an EMDR Certified Psychotherapist located in Goodyear, AZ

If you’ve experienced or witnessed a traumatic event, the psychological effects of your experience may last for months or years after the incident in a condition known as post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). At Trauma Recovery Services of Arizona in Goodyear, Arizona, Board-Certified counselors  provide counseling services to help you resolve your memories and feelings about your trauma, helping you to restore a fulfilling and active life. Call TRSA to schedule an appointment.

We provide counseling services to adults and teens who have suffered a tremendous loss (due to suicide, accidents, injuries) or are recovering from a childhood or adulthood abuse/neglect issue (incest, dv, mental/physical/financial abuse) and/or depression, anxiety.  Left untreated, stress disorders from such issues can turn into PTSD.  PTSD sufferers often lose connection with others, struggle on the job and with personal relationships. 


We offer innovative and evidence based treatment to being recovery from traumatic situations (EMDR, TF-CBT) as well as training for community partners & mentorship to early career professionals. 

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