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What is a Light Stream?

Updated: Jul 18, 2023

EMDR Preparation, Resources and Supports

Have you been feeling overwhelmed, distressed, tense or anxious?

EMDR therapy includes a component called resourcing.  Resourcing skills and techniques are practical ways to deal with difficult things.  The more you use resources, the more you will be able to tolerate stress, frustration, negative emotions or bodily sensations.

One such resource is called a light stream.  

Dr. Michael Paterson; Lightstream Exercise on YouTube:

Insight Timer: Dr. Natalie Feiblatt offers an online audio/meditation :

Doctor Tara May; exercise on YouTube

A blog written by Ben Wolf, LICSW about light stream and it’s benefit in reducing anxiety: reducing-anxiety-the-light-stream-technique

Please note these resources are educational in nature.  If you find yourself distressed or overwhelmed, consider therapy with an EMDR therapist.

Jordanna is an EMDR Certified Therapist and has extensive experience in the treatment of anxiety, trauma and depression.

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