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Pro Bono Counseling for AZ ICU Nurses.

Today, a call came out from the Arizona Counseling Association, Covid-19 is surging in Arizona. As a trauma trained psychotherapist, I would like to support our front line workers.

I am an EMDR & Board Certified Licensed Professional Counselor in the State of Arizona, this means I hold a high degree of education, experience and expertise in the treatment of stress and trauma. I am trained to provide both brief therapy and EMDR therapy to address concerns associated with traumatic stress due to death, grief and loss, exposure to stress/trauma and ICU pandemic work right now in Arizona hospitals. EMDR therapy can be beneficial in the prevention of PTSD due to work conditions during the pandemic.

How do I know if I need EMDR therapy?

ICU Nurses and other healthcare professionals may be experiencing the following symptoms:

  • Depression, sadness or social isolation

  • Feeling the need to be hyper-aware or alert in case of danger

  • An exaggerated startle response or feeling on edge

  • Increased irritability, sudden anger attacks

  • Feelings of shame, guilt or intense worry

  • A sense of numbness in life

  • Nightmares or flashbacks that relive experiences in the hospital, or with patients

  • Avoiding situations which may be a reminder of the event

  • Difficulty functioning in daily life

  • Substance abuse and dependence

  • Feeling tired even after sleeping

  • A lack of interest in things that you used to enjoy

  • Excessive worry and fear for yourself or your loved ones

What kinds of therapy are available to help? How can EMDR therapy help me?

There are several different modalities available to help deal with traumatic and stressful events. One modality is called EMDR. EMDR stands for eye movement and desensitization and reprocessing.

All of us have innate abilities to recover from stressful and traumatic events. Our brains can naturally recover from distress. Other times, our fight, flight or freeze response can prevent distress from being resolved. When this happens, we can help our brain to process those traumatic memories allowing normal healing to resume.

Essentially, EMDR therapy uses your brains natural ability to recover from traumatic events. Learn more by reading Trauma and the Brain.

Download PDF • 243KB

I want therapy, but I can't afford it right now.

No problem. I have offered to provide pro bono Counseling (up to 8 sessions) to AZ ICU nurses. Services are limited, call today to inquire about availability, 480-781-4513 or 480-374-3523.

Can you tell me more about EMDR?

Of course, if you'd like to learn more about EMDR watch this video:

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