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What is Incest?

One of the questions I get is what is incest?

Incest is a form of childhood sexual abuse.

Typically, the person abusing the child is older and is a relative. It can be a parent, an uncle, a cousin or a even a sibling. Often it's someone that the child relies on for care.

The key piece of information that distinguishes incest from other types of sexual abuse is that the person abusing the child (often referred to as the perpetrator by the Police and other professionals) is related to the child in some way.

What does the sexually abused child experience as an adult?

Common reactions & experiences include:

  • Low self-esteem

  • Relationship problems

  • Suicidal thoughts

  • Sexual dysfunction

  • Shame

  • Guilt

  • Confusion

  • Substance abuse

  • Remembering the incest when their child is around the same age they are when they were abused.

  • Thoughts about how they will protect their children & fears that it will happen to them.

  • Distrust of authority figures: coaches, teachers, etc.

Not everyone who experiences incest has the same reaction.

Incest is not something people openly discuss. In fact, many people keep it secret because of the guilt, shame and confusion associated with the experiences.

I have treated many people recovering from past incest.

You don’t have to suffer anymore, therapy can help. Call me at Trauma Recovery Services of Arizona 623-300-1237 if you have questions or would like to start Counseling.

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