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Don't Delay, Act Now and Give Today to Make a Difference

Arizona Gives Day 2024 Fundraiser

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What is Arizona Gives Day?

Champion Your Favorite Causes

Arizona Gives Day, launched by AZ Impact for Good in 2013, champions Arizona's nonprofit sector by raising nearly $42 million to date. Highlighting the importance of philanthropy, this platform offers a special focus on its statewide online campaign each April, supported by key sponsors. It enables individuals to support local causes, helps nonprofits engage with the community, and highlights the vital role these organizations play in the state’s welfare.

Beyond the annual event, offers a platform for continuous giving, where donors can manage their donations by scheduling, recurring, or making immediate contributions. It also facilitates the search for nonprofits by specific criteria, ensuring that contributions are made to verified and eligible organizations. This framework not only supports year-round philanthropy but also strengthens the collective impact of giving in Arizona.

About Us

A Legacy of Care, A Future of Hope

Our founder, Jordanna Saunders, brings a lifetime of experience and understanding from her upbringing on the Navajo reservation, translating this profound connection to her work at TRSAZ. Our clinic emerges from the heart of community and tribal mental health advocacy, championing the cause of health equity for the underserved with unyielding passion.


Each therapist at TRSAZ, trained in modalities like EMDR and TF-CBT, embodies our commitment to culturally and trauma-informed care. Through our services, we confront conditions that diminish life's quality, offering a path to healing for those facing the shadows of PTSD, depression, anxiety, and the scars of violence and neglect. At TRSAZ, we believe in the transformative power of therapy, embracing our role as catalysts for change in the journey towards holistic well-being.

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Our Cause

Overcoming Barriers to Access

The disparities in mental health access for Indigenous and underserved communities are profound, with significant impacts on their overall well-being. TRSAZ aims to bridge this gap, ensuring those affected by historical trauma receive the care they need.


High Rates of Mental Health Issues: PTSD, depression, and anxiety are prevalent, affecting quality of life and lifespan.


Violence Against Indigenous Women: Rates far exceed national averages, with limited access to support.


Access Barriers: Systemic obstacles hinder the availability of trauma-informed care.


Need for Specialized Services: Culturally sensitive mental health services are in critical demand.

Our Approach

Expanding Access to Care

At TRSAZ, we employ an innovative 80-20 model to democratize access to our trauma-informed care services. With 80% of our clients possessing some form of funding—be it commercial insurance, Medicaid, or third-party payor support—the remaining 20% receive services at a significantly reduced cost or completely free of charge. This model ensures that individuals who are uninsured or underinsured, and who would likely forego therapy altogether, can receive the care they need.

By offering life-changing therapy modalities, such as EMDR, at low or no cost, we aim to disrupt the status quo of mental health access, facilitating healing from historical trauma, military service wounds, and childhood abuse. This approach is a testament to our belief in the power of therapy to effect transformative healing and foster health equity.


Support Us

Health Equity Can't Wait!

Make an immediate impact by contributing to our cause through Arizona Gives Day 2024, starting today. Your donation does more than just provide financial support; it ignites a wave of generosity, creating a significant difference in the lives of those we serve. This support is crucial in enhancing the visibility and reach of our mission, specifically in advancing our essential trauma-informed care services.

With each contribution received now, we move closer to our fundraising objectives. Your gift today has the potential to double in impact through matching funds, increasing awareness for our cause. By donating at this moment, you play a vital role in ensuring that individuals in need have access to transformative care, setting the stage for a successful campaign and bringing us closer to achieving health equity for everyone.


Your Support Can Create Miracles

Help us sustain our low/no cost clinic. Your donation supports operational costs, enabling us to offer life-changing therapy, such as EMDR, to uninsured or underinsured individuals. Together, we can disrupt the status quo and advance health equity.

Make A Difference

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