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Anxiety During the Era of COVID-19: How to Take Control and Find Peace 

We aren't going to tiptoe around it. Managing anxiety in the era of Covid-19 with typical daily life may cause discomfort. But now you're worried about catching corona or getting it again.

The American Psychiatric Association vouched for anxiety in 1980. They recognized understated disorders like SAD, panic attacks, OCD, and a generalized form of the disorder. Trauma Recovery Services of Arizona are mental health professionals who understand it and help you find peace.

Who Diagnosed Anxiety

In the 1800s George Miller Beard, a neurologist and psychiatrist understood it was more than stress. He also was a prolific writer. He wrote the book American Nervousness. He defended the rights of the mentally ill.

Deep beneath the shellshock, there was real suffering. Opium or other addictive drugs couldn’t cure it. Soldiers developed PTSD.

Also, a psychologist or psychiatrist consults the DMS to diagnose excessive anxiety.

Managing Anxiety Around COVID-19

You need to keep your spirits high but COVID is bringing you down. You can stay updated but constantly checking the news status makes you stress. You do your part to stay safe.

Unless the source is the CDC or WHO and local public health coverage be cautious of what you read and watch. When you start to feel overwhelmed, limit your exposure to the same time and frequency.

It may seem counterproductive but stay connected. This means A phone call, chat, or Facetime. Then there’s social media. Yes, it helps you connect but mute people that trigger your anxiety.

Find 15 minutes daily to reflect on your worries.

Why Managing Anxiety is Important

Your constant terror and panic are not healthy for your quality of life. It causes friction with friends and family. It affects advancing a career or achieving the highest education.

According to the ADAA 18% of American adults have an anxiety disorder. With this condition another illness develops; It’s depression. So when you get the treatment you learn how to cope with stressors.

Once symptoms decrease you feel optimistic.

How to Manage Anxiety Naturally

To slow down your nervousness or tension consider natural remedies. They’re safe to practice along with mental health treatment.

Exercise is helpful because it reduces anxiety.

Meditation is another solution because mindfulness slows racing thoughts. Time management is a better way to decrease stress. Anxious people who have too many commitments panic. It feels good when you break down tasks into manageable steps.

The first step may be self-help. It works because it’s quick access. Verbalizing or journaling is a great way to acknowledge your anxiety. It’s also helpful to learn breathing techniques. To reset and restore your wellness.

Inhale through your nose for 4 counts then exhale for 6. Do this 3 times.

Talk to The Professionals at Trauma Recovery Services of Arizona

It’s not a walk in the park to talk to someone when you’re not in the best mental state. You don’t want to leave the house. But you can contact us online or ask someone to schedule it for you. Trauma Recovery Services of Arizona can help you control anxiety.

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