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Language Matters

A recent article in the American Counseling Association's journal highlighted the need for practicing mental health counselors (and counselors-in-training) to be mindful of the language we use when describing people with schizophrenia.

The study essentially supported what Indigenous communities have been citing for centuries-that what we call someone matters. The study took two groups of counselors/counselors-in-training and measured their tolerance. What the researchers found is that the person-first language of "person with schizophrenia" resulted in better outcomes for the patient and the provider.

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Here at Trauma Recovery Services of Arizona, we understand that a diagnosis may be necessary for you to use your insurance benefits, but we also acknowledge that may of the symptoms our patients come in with are due to past experiences. Many come from past traumas. Trauma can be stored in the body. This is why we believe in using client-first language. We call you by your preferred name. We may give you a diagnosis, but we also understand that the symptoms you are experiencing may be transitional and that you aren't your diagnosis. We work with you to reduce distressing symptoms such as sadness, irritability, anxiety, panic and stress. Our goal is to support you in your recovery and to walk along side you in your journey.

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Trauma Recovery Services of Arizona is a Navajo woman owned & operated small business. We treat ages 13 and up in the State of Arizona primarily through Telehealth. We use cutting edge psychotherapy methods such as EMDR to treat our clients. Call today to schedule an appointment for therapy, 602-661-0200

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