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5 Little Steps To Achieve Greater Levels of Mental Health

It may not occur to you that being healthy is mental too. These conditions are as unbearable as physical sickness. The fact is that 60 million Americans experience mental health disorders that go untreated. Either they can’t afford or access care. If they have a health provider they must go out of network. NAMI conducted three surveys to discover there's inequalities. Researchers wanted to understand insurance beneficiaries' experiences. The result was they had difficulty finding facilities.

Trauma Recovery Services are here to talk about how mental health is healthcare

1. Remember It's a Mind-body Connection

When we struggle with stress,  it’s physical and mental. These are in jeopardy when you can’t cope. This is important in all phases from the teen years to adulthood. Genes, lifetime trauma, or family history influence mental health troubles. For example, those with depression or anxiety may also suffer from physical conditions.

Heart disease is preventable in the absence of an emotional problem. NAMI reports Mood disorders are the third most common reason hospitalized 18-44 patients. Depression causes headaches, fatigue, and digestive problems. Anxious people get an upset stomach.

2. Stay Fit With Exercise

You can stay healthy by exercising. The key is to be consistent. There’s no pressure to do intense workouts. Even 10 mins of walking releases endorphins. Other activities like running a marathon, gardening, or any hobby that keeps you focused.

3. Keep in Mind Mental Illness and Financial Stress Are Linked

In health care, you have several treatment options-you can take a pill, and of course therapy gives you the complete healing and recovery you need. 

Your quality of life improves and your financial security. When you’re in an emotional state & experiencing crashes there’s a financial and emotional strain on families. Trying to find a health care provider for treatment dwindles income. This can lead to a fine mess if they lose their job. The depressed family member is looking for help. Then if they can’t work they can’t earn a promotion, excel, and build successful relationships.  No health insurance or there's limits to treating conditions. All of these issues further complicate mental health.

4. Learn TLC

Self-care is another way to improve mental stability. Learning TLC towards your mental health makes you productive.

5. Wellness Helps Achieve Greater levels of Health

There’s a link between suicide rates and mental health conditions. Early medical intervention keeps these rates low.  There are some signs to highlight if you are in a negative state, they are:

· You have none/low energy

· If you find yourself self-medicating with drinking and drugs

· Friction with family and friends

· Severe mood swings

All of these symptoms can persist or escalate without mental health support. Now for children and teens, these poor outcomes lead to educational failure. They can’t build a rapport with their teachers. They lack concentration, and motivation, disobey rules, are suspended or are at-risk for school dropouts.

Trauma Recovery Services in Arizona Is Happy To Listen

With our help, we can help improve your quality of life. Now you can treat your mental health issues. Is your life falling apart? Trauma Recovery Services is here to replace sickness with health. We specialize in anxiety, depression, and PTSD; treating teens to adults. We also offer substance abuse treatment and peer support services. Get in touch at our center to begin your recovery. Call us at 602-661-0200

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