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5 Teen Mental Health Symptoms that a Therapist Can Help With.

How do I know if my teen needs a mental health professional?

As parents, we tend to know our children the best. When they become teens, things begin to change. Many changes are expected: increased independence, a renewed sense of style, longer limbs and a host of other physical, social and emotional changes. A question we often get as therapists is: how do I know whether my teen's behavior is normal or if I need to get a therapist involved?

Teens are learning to cope with stressors, physical and emotional changes as well as navigating complex social situations. It's normal that they have some ups and downs and periods of moodiness.

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It is important to look for professional help and support if your teen is exhibiting:

  1. Excessive problems with sleeping, eating, showering or other daily functions.

  2. Frequent stomach aches, headaches that a doctor has evaluated and ruled out a medical issue/disorder.

  3. Excessive worrying or sadness.

  4. Spending long periods of time alone or online and is highly irritable when asked to join the family for dinner or other social situations.

  5. Engaging in the following behaviors: cutting, digging nails into the skin, picking at skin, scratching skin.

If you're not sure if your teen needs the help of a therapist, we encourage you to consult with one to get more information. A therapist can complete an intake and determine what steps you and your teen can take and if therapy is recommended.

You can go to to learn more about Trauma Recovery Services of Arizona and our teen therapists. We are a collective of trauma informed therapists who treat ages 13 and up. We accept several insurances and offer sliding scale fee services.

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