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Trauma Recovery Services 5 Reasons You Should Start PTSD Therapy Now

There’s no easy way to say: you have lost control of your life. This is how the downward spiral starts. It makes you cry. Following the 2017 Manchester bombing, Ariana Grande experienced PTSD. She says that therapy “saved her life. She urges people seeking emotional support to use the help to process shock.

1. Your counselor is the first responder.

They can help you consider your options. These treatments help you recover from trauma:

  1. Cognitive Behavioral Therapy.

  2. Exposure Therapy

  3. Virtual Reality Treatment- Virtual substitutes for exposure. Understand it out a patient in a simulated situation that will trigger your PTSD. In this simulation, counselors access ways to conquer your issues. The evidence is strong that VRET helps reduce symptoms. You need a licensed psychologist or other qualified clinical in treating this condition. It solves the problems by decreasing the anxiety associated with your distress.

One of the most effective pathsto healing is EMDR. Research shows 84-90 percent overcome this disorder after three 90 minute sessions. Trauma Recovery Services of Arizona has several trained clinicians who specialize in EMDR and are available to help you or your family members heal from PTSD symptoms.

EMDR therapy explained by EMDRIA

2. Dialectic behavior therapy is a life changer

Dealing with PTSD is complex. People may also benefit from additional therapies to get supports including DBT.

There are four levels of this outpatient delivery:

  1. Individual Psychotherapy

  2. DBT skills training

  3. in-the-moment phone coaching

  4. and DBT Consultation Teams (for therapists)

Individual sessions work with skills training. DBT assists you in learning new behaviors.

3. To recover from addictions

Trauma therapists have a specialty to help you with harmful side effects. The urge to self-soothe is strong. It’s a present-focused intervention for recovery. There are also talking treatments (group and individual), narrative, and behavioral treatments. It’s not an easy job treating trauma.

Your brain changes. There’s a physical reaction to a trigger, It’s frightening to imagine talking about it. Once you are aware of your threat to your sanity, it’s good to focus on your goals. To tell your story. Or to expose your abuser. These sessions eliminate the side effects of trauma. You need to focus on the present. It's important to boost your daily functions. This is the reason for regaining your personal power. They teach relaxation techniques during or after therapy. They force you to talk about your unfortunate experience. Your counselor suggests conditions to revisit the past event.

4.Psychodynamic Psychotherapy

Satisfies suppressing the conflicts and content that battled in the unconscious mind. It’s a relationship-based treatment forging positive states of emotions, thoughts, and behavior. The therapist notes the defense mechanism holding you back.

5. You can experience growth and improvement in interactions

It opens doors to possibilities for goals. You can now manage hard situations. Gaining clarity through the spiritual or religious realm. Your mindset shifts to gratitude. It’s in your hands to learn from your horrible time.

Inside your brain is an uncomfortable tense place. Now you are aware of the mind-body connection, You don’t have much time to get unstuck. There is hope that you have the skills to make the most of your life. You shouldn’t wait until your mental health is fragile.

Prepare yourself for us to handle the burden. When in crisis reach out to us. Our center in Arizona specializes in teen to adult trauma therapy.

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