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Candice McLane

Ph.D., ACS, Licensed Professional Counselor

I am a licensed professional counselor (LPC)/approved clinical supervisor (ACS) who has called to help new therapists find their professional voice. Since I started counseling, I have always been intrigued by relationships between therapists and clients and the impact that relationship has on the community. Regardless of my work setting, which has included nonprofits, rehab centers, and family services, a common theme I witnessed was how the emotional connection of the therapists impacted the therapeutic relationship.

Through my experience, I have created a pathway of understanding the effects of the therapeutic relationship through novice therapists, which is why I work diligently to help therapists understand their therapeutic style. I believe in relationships; regardless of what they might look like, the health and quality of the therapeutic relationship help heal our community. As new therapists take up the mantle of healing, I come in to help develop a therapeutic style that is personal and engaging.

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